Chateau Amsterdam

Chateau Amsterdam is the first urban winery in the Netherlands, and the largest one in Europe. Our chateau was founded in 2017 by father and son, and we’re located in Amsterdam-Noord. We make wine in the city, for the city. We work with grape farmers from all over Europe who are the best at what they do; grow quality grapes. That gives us more time to focus on what we do best; make quality wine and wine experiences.

We transport grapes instead of bottles. This offers us a unique advantage; we’re free from certain wine-country regulations and have the freedom to innovate and experiment with new flavors and experiences of wine. We connect our community with the wonderful world of wine, in the middle of the city – but with an ode to European nature.

We make two lines of wine. Terroir-driven and classical Fathers wines and experimental Sons. And we make Piquette – a sparkling and circular product made with the grape pomace that is left after we make our wine.

In our wine castle in Amsterdam Noord you can take a seat in our tasting room, our wine bar and our restaurant, or you can visit our shop. In the tasting room you can dive into the process from grape to bottle and use all your senses during our Urban Wine Tasting. In our restaurant you’ll enjoy a modern Italian menu, accompanied by our wines or you can just have a seat at our wine bar and order a glass of wine with an Italian bite. Our shop not only sells wine, but anything else chateau-related and fantastic gifts. Welcome to the wonderful world of winemaking!


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