HOUSE of GASSAN stands for diamonds, jewellery and luxury watches. The GASSAN brand represents craftsmanship, proven quality and reliability for more than 75 years and is a one hundred percent family business.
Experience the craftsmanship of the diamond polishers while multilingual staff explains everything about the brilliant world of diamonds and the development of this unique family business as well as the diamond industry in Amsterdam in the setting of the diamond polishing area, which kept the authentic ambiance of an ancient diamond factory.
GASSAN is a family owned business and is located in a beautiful restored factory building in the centre of Amsterdam, HOUSE of GASSAN. Originally built as a steam driven diamond factory in 1879 and at that time, the largest of its kind in the world with 400 diamond polishers. During the tour the tour guides explain where diamonds are found and how rough diamonds turn into dazzling brilliants. In a showroom, you can see loose polished diamonds in various sizes and qualities as well as GASSAN’s extensive collection of jewellery. GASSAN has an in-house workshop where jewellery is designed and settings can be adjusted. Visit our Boutique with an elaborate collection of trendy jewellery and all major watch brands. GASSAN provides a unique opportunity for both individual and group visits.

GASSAN created a department store look by means of shop in shop in the centre of the Boutique. Around the shop in shop all our own GASSAN style, which ensures that fantastic appearance The recently renovated GASSAN Boutique breathes luxury with our high-end brand portfolio and is the biggest jeweller from the Netherlands with an amazing brand portfolio with jewellery and watches like Tudor, Longines, Messika, Chopard and many other brands like our own GASSAN in-house brands;

• GASSAN 121: A unique cut. Building on the classic 57-facet round brilliant, 64 additional facets, 16 on top, 48 on the bottom, ignite unseen fire, life and brilliance in each and every GASSAN 121.
• TROPHY BY GASSAN: A high-end brand that creates customized jewellery.
• Choices by DL: create a new look every day. The jewellery consist of three elements that you can endlessly combine to match your style
• Gigi by GASSAN: A jewellery line that combines young and fresh with elegant and sexy.
• GASSAN pre-owned: A collection which contains unique pre-owned and vintage watches from exclusive brands, including Rolex, Audemars Piquet and Patek Philippe.

And in addition as an official retailer of Rolex GASSAN has all the official knowhow, tools and products for customers who want to shop this iconic brand.

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