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The happiest people in the Netherlands can be found in the province of water, landscape and culture. The Frisians already celebrated it in 2018, as Cultural Capital of Europe. In 2021, they will put the spotlight on their beautiful nature with Ode to the Frisian Landscape. Quite rightly so, according to Lonely Planet, which had earlier given Friesland a place in the Top 3 Best of Europe 2018. And in 2022, the triennial of European Capital of Culture is on the programme, Arcadia. A hundred-day event full of culture and various hightlights throughout the province. Friesland offers you and your guests a unique holiday experience in many ways. From culture to water sports, everyone will find something to enjoy the perfect vacation in Friesland. In this list you will find a selection of popular and special activities, events as well as sights throughout the province of Friesland, divided into the following sections:

  • Annual activities
  • Highlights 2021, Ode to the Frisian Landscape
  • Highlights 2022, Arcadia
  • Accommodations

Prices are indicative and may vary. Do you have questions, need help or are you looking for an activity that is not listed? We will be happy to assist you. Please contact our Travel Trade Team by e-mail. Kind regards,
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Visit Friesland

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