Paleis Het Loo

A royal visit for your groups

After a major renovation Paleis Het Loo is ready to give you a warm welcome in royal surroundings. Get to know the House of Orange, the Dutch Royals: wander through their private apartments in the palace and enjoy the impressive baroque gardens. Paleis Het Loo is the new must see in the Netherlands and it certainly deserves a place on your Holland tour.

Visit the palace and experience the history of the Dutch royal family. The House of Orange has lived and worked here for more than three centuries. Enjoy the unique 17th-century palace garden, regarded as one of the finest gardens in Europe.

The wonderfully varied Paleis Het Loo

  • The palace: wander through the rooms where the Orange royals lived and listen to their stories
  • The baroque palace gardens, with fountains and fragrant flowers
  • A large collection of royal carriages and old-timers in the stables and coach houses
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