Visit Flevoland

The largest piece of man-made land on the planet? Flevoland, reclaimed from the sea less than a century ago. Everything you see there was created on the drawing board, even the areas dedicated to nature, of which there are a lot.

A good example is the extensive wetland area in the Nieuw Land National Park, where you can encounter animals like Konik horses, Heck cattle and sea eagles. No wonder walking and cycling through Flevoland’s new nature is a popular pastime for both inhabitants and tourists alike.

Flevoland’s modern polder cities and villages are in part architectural museums, featuring the work of renowned architects like Rem Koolhaas and Gerrit Rietveld. And nowhere else in the world will you discover as many pieces of spectacular land art clustered together as in Flevoland.

Enjoy Flevoland’s nature and architecture year round, its colourful tulip fields in spring and its abundant local produce in autumn. We’re convinced: visit Flevoland once and you’ll become a returning visitor.

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