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The Story of Flevoland

Flevoland, obviously different

Flevoland, made by and for people.

Quite an accomplishment, building an entire province from scratch. Still, that’s exactly how Flevoland came into being: manmade land, a good four metres below sea level. But then Flevoland is never really finished. Probably something to do with that twentieth-century soil under our feet we reckon; it seems to exert its effect on people. And as all Flevolanders are well aware: the sky is the limit. Things happen here like nowhere else you know of. An open air three kilometres long artificial ice-skating track. Designed nature, which morphs into wild polder. Quirky estates. Modern polder cities, spectacular landscape art. Flevoland, on the former Zuiderzee seabed, is like nothing else that exists; anywhere! Something that is immediately obvious when you drive into the province. The crisp clear lines, the space, that modern twist; you can only be in Flevoland.