Rotterdam partners

Rotterdam is a young, dynamic metropolis that keeps developing rapidly. Here you will  find sparkling skyscrapers, an impressive port, hip restaurants and food markets, renowned museums and a large number of surprising hotspots and initiatives. Rotterdam is considered the most modern city in the Netherlands.  Unconventional in our own country, we are internationally renowned for our passion for innovation and unpolished charm.

Rotterdam’s dynamics invite you to discover the city again and again. Rotterdam embraces experiments of all kinds; here we believe nearly everything is possible. New ideas and initiatives will constantly surprise you: from a rooftop city garden, to a music festival in the docks; from an exclusive rooftop bar to a brewery in an old warehouse. From trees floating on water, to an old swimming pool magically transformed into a laboratory of the future where you can eat oyster mushrooms cultivated on coffee grounds. Exciting places that also show how Rotterdam is developing into a resilient city and society by constantly anticipating the future.

Rotterdam is a vibrant mix of innovative architecture, lively festivals and challenging art and culture.

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