The Louwman Museum


A world of inspiration
The Louwman Museum in The Hague, the Netherlands houses a unique collection of more than 250 highlights of automotive history. Taking you for a spin, so to speak, through more than 130 years of human progress, innovation, and design.

Step into the history of innovation
In addition to showing how automotive transport has evolved over the years, our one-of-a-kind collection of rare automobiles and memorabilia also allows visitors to discover the advances in technology, design trends, growing wealth and changing social trends which emerged during this time. You will find everything from the first-ever electric vehicle (built more than a century ago!) to some of the twentieth century’s most stunning automotive designs.

Step into the history of design
The Louwman Museum offers numerous attractions to guests to complement its vast collection of automobiles. These ancillary collections of vehicle-themed art, miniature models, posters, trophies, and even aircraft are all well worth a look.

For you visit… Step into a unique location
You will find the full collection housed in the Michael Graves-designed main museum building, which is located in a lush section of The Hague renowned for its grand estates. Covering an area of 16,000 square metres divided across three floors, the Louwman Museum is nothing if not versatile and can be used for an infinite variety of purposes. The garden landscape (designed by noted landscape architect Lodewijk Baljon) is beautifully integrated with the Haagse Bos, a protected wooded area within the city.

Step into a grand collection
During your guided tour in the Louwman Museum our experienced guides will show you the large collection of icons from the history of mobility. The guided tour lasts one hour and there are three tours to choose from. Tours can be given in Dutch, English, German or French, with a maximum of 15 persons per guide.

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